Meet Maegan Brown, our Photographer

Charlie Wade, Maegan Brown, and Bessie Marks

Meet Maegan Brown, the creative mastermind behind all of our product photography. A visual storyteller, Maegan captures meaningful, emotive imagery, and, well, we think her photos speak for themselves.

Her portfolio spans lifestyle, real estate, weddings, portraits and more, and we’re so honoured to have her contribute her talents to Sow. You can find her images on the product pages of our website, and also scattered throughout our social channels. We've included a few of our current favourite images right here.

A top-down photo of a kettle and other coffee accessories arranged on a flat surface. A side-on photo of Charlie carrying a Sow Coffee Project tote bag.

Maegan has such an infectious passion for capturing and creating images. We’re so excited to continue working together and see how she continues to contribute to the Sow brand.

Someone enjoying a cup of Sow’s Instant Organic Specialty Coffee by a cosy fire. The Kin North Japanese Home Incense Kit is available from Sow Coffee Project.

Connect with Maegan at or on Instagram @maeganbrownphotography

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