About Sow Coffee Project

Sow Coffee Project is an ever evolving community centred around a love of specialty coffee.

What started as an online blog in 2019 - created and led by Charlie Wade - has organically transformed into a community-focused coffee business that roasts, retails and wholesales in Melbourne, Australia.

We selectively source our green coffee from local Melbourne importers, proudly partnered primarily with Melbourne Coffee Merchants. We deliberately keep our group of import partners narrow to ensure we’re able to work collaboratively together, understanding each other’s approach and needs. In this way, we’re able to build strong relationships with producers, striving to support them seasonally, and showcase their special coffees each year.

It also means we’re able to tap into the expansive knowledge of our import partners and the relationships they’ve fostered throughout the supply chain. This helps us spotlight coffees through storytelling and education, allowing our community to enjoy our coffee in ways far beyond delicious flavour profiles.

We are a proud member of Criteria Coffee, a shared co-roastery in Port Melbourne. Not only does this allow us access to state of the art equipment like Diedrich Roasters, a La Marzocco Modbar espresso machine and seamless packing equipment, but something far more important: the heartbeat of a young coffee community that brings history, diversity, talent and knowledge to the space, for the benefit of all. We’re proud to contribute to this coffee community.

Sow has never and will never be about an individual, but rather a community that constantly grows and strengthens. At the centre of Sow are freelance members of our team who pour as much passion and dedication into growing Sow Coffee Project as Charlie Wade does. This without a doubt is one of our core strengths, and one we cherish as a group of talented individuals. Every hand involved shapes the path we blaze, from our editor, designer, photographer, family and friends, and the community that cloaks us in their warm support.

As our motto “Sow Coffee, Grow People” implies, we’re excited to be part of something bigger than the sum of its parts. By planting and nurturing this fruit we all love so much, we aim to grow a community steeped in knowledge, committed to support, and driven by passion. We look forward to travelling this journey with you all.